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Why Junior Jets?

Junior Jets transforms classroom experiences by integrating the thrilling world of aviation
directly into your lessons.

Originally born in 2020, our initiative began with engaging videos and activities children could do from the comfort of their home. Fast-forward a few years, and we’re more evolved than ever: we’ve expanded our topics and meticulously aligned them with Alberta’s updated K-6 Curriculum. Designed by a former teacher, we recognize the essence of every teaching moment and assure top-tier, relevant, and engaging instruction for students.

Why Junior Jets?


Engaging Curriculum

Aligned Learning

Quality Assured

Differentiated Instruction

Engaging Curriculum:

Seamlessly blend core subjects with the thrill of aviation.

Aligned Learning:

Tailored to fit the Alberta K-6 Curriculum, ensuring meaningful learning outcomes.

Quality Assured:

Designed by educators, ensuring every minute is efficiently utilized.

Differentiated Instruction:

Seamlessly blend core subjects with the thrill of aviation.

What Lessons are Offered?

Dive into our amazing aviation lessons, each crafted to engage students and enhance essential skills. Explore some of our standout topics below or immerse yourself in our vibrant videos available in the lesson tabs.

The Phonetic Alphabet

Decode the unique language of aviators! Understand the significance of precise communication in various roles within aviation.

The Science of Flying

Unravel the marvel of flight! Engage in hands-on experiments as you craft unique paper airplanes and employ the scientific method to gauge their aerodynamics.

Stormy Weather

Navigate the skies as pilots do! Dive into cloud formation, identification, and the challenges of turbulent weather. Create and identify clouds, mirroring the skills of seasoned pilots.

Helicopters and Drones

Explore the dynamics of these unique fliers! Embrace creativity as students design helicopters and strategically budget for drone parts to tackle real-world challenges.

Community Within the Airport

Embark on a literary journey through bustling airport scenes. Relate personal experiences to the vibrant airport community, highlighting interconnectedness.

Famous People in Aviation

Celebrate aviation trailblazers like Amelia Earhart, The Wright Brothers, and Bessie Coleman! Delve into their monumental contributions to the skies.

The Future of Aviation

Chart the eco-friendly course of aviation's future. Analyze and strategize solutions to bolster the aviation sector's commitment to the environment.

Aviation Careers

Unearth the plethora of exhilarating careers soaring above us! Students will be inspired to champion an aviation job through persuasive job posters.

Safety in Aviation

Decode the art of airport safety! Analyze and optimize some good (and not so good) safety signs to ensure every traveler’s journey is a safe one.

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Who Can Join the Flight?

Currently serving students in grades two through five. Excitingly, we’ll soon be reaching out to kindergarten and first graders in the 2024/2025 school year!


In-person Sessions:
$250 +GST

Virtual Sessions: 
$150 +GST

Duration & Content:
Sessions typically span approximately two hours. Depending on schedule flexibility, teachers can opt for 3-5 lessons within this 2 hour session.

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"What an AWESOME flight it was! Thank you to both Nova and Sophia for sharing their passion and answering our questions about our future in aviation. Our grade 6 class truly enjoyed the interactive, virtual learning experience presented in the Junior Jets program. The program was an excellent review of what we had learned about in our Flight and Air & Aerodynamics science units. Above all, it provided us with a real-world context and shared answers based on personal experience. The videos and extra activities that went along with the presentation were a great addition to our learning experience. "
Our Lady of Victoria Catholic School

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