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Our Mission:
To provide the most authentic, memorable, and life-changing aviation experience possible.

Our Why:
To inspire, educate, and create a safe space for women and underrepresented groups to become the best versions of themselves.


The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre began in 2018 when the Government of Alberta provided grant funding to launch what is now known as the Aviation Career Exploration (ACE) Program in Edmonton, Alberta. The program ran in person career awareness workshops for youth and women ages 15-24. This program was so successful that the Government of Alberta awarded Elevate Aviation additional funding to open the program in Calgary, Alberta in 2020.

Today the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre offers a unique approach to awareness and training in the aviation and aerospace industry. Our programming has expanded to engage individuals at all stages of life into aviation through career exploration, accessible experiences, training programs and mentorship to lead them to a career of economic stability and prosperity.


Our Participants

With a kindergarten to career approach we spark curiosity in the youngest school aged students, build career awareness with middle and high school youth, prepare women and historically marginalized groups to be work ready in the industry, and provide professional development skills training for women who are currently in the field of aviation.

Our Partners

The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre provides our partners with work-ready individuals who are looking for a career in the aviation industry. Through our research initiatives, we are in tune with the labour market and we know the industry’s needs. We provide broad-based training to support small, medium, and large employers actively recruiting for in-demand and entry level occupations in aviation. Through our youth initiatives we are planting the seed for kids to consider careers in aviation as an option, working to ensure the future of aviation isn’t faced with the critical staffing shortages we are seeing today.


Aviation Readiness Training (ART) programs provide aviation industry focused training for a variety of in-demand jobs to women and underrepresented groups. Our graduates learn skills, earn certifications, and are provided on-going support needed to jump-start their careers.

Women’s Employment Skills Training (WEST) is a 9 week, fully funded program that will build your skills, grow your confidence, and prepare you to work in today’s evolving aviation industry. This program is for all women and women identifying groups looking for a safe space to learn.

Program Highlights

  • No Cost
  • Earn Safety Certifications
  • PPE and Proper Work Attire
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Long-Term Mentorship
  • One-Week Hands-On Aviation Career Exploration
  • 9 week Program

Our Aviation Service Technician (AST) program is a 9 week program suitable for participants with or without post-secondary education. Participants will gain insight into various maintenance roles within the industry and develop foundational knowledge for a new or changing career path within aviation or aerospace.

Program Highlights

  • No Cost
  • Earn a CCAA certificate
  • Learn from an Industry Professional
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Long-Term Mentorship
  • 4 weeks On the Job Training

Foundational Aviation Skills Training (FAST), is a comprehensive 4-week program designed to equip you with essential skills, boost your confidence, and ensure your ready for the ever-evolving aviation industry. Choose from Customer Service, Flight Attendant, Ramp Services, Private Pilot Ground School, or Advanced Drone Operation.

Program Highlights

  • No Cost
  • Earn Certifications
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Long-Term Mentorship
  • 5 hours of flight time for Private Pilot Ground School Students included

Elevate Aviation Learning Centre

The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre offers a unique approach to awareness and training in the aviation and aerospace industry.


To inquire about a specific program, please visit our Programs tab, and submit an inquiry on the specific program page you’re interested in.

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