The Elevate Aviation Group

Tasheena Syhatheb

Assessment Advisor, FAST/AST/FA

Tasheena brings an extensive background in Administrative Management across diverse sectors such as non-profit arts, federal government, and various small businesses in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. With a strong focus on fostering positive relationships and implementing efficient practices, Tasheena consistently excels in their roles.

Before the pandemic, Tasheena served as a Guest Services Ticketing Specialist for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Following that, they contributed to Statistics Canada as a Field Operations Manager Assistant for the 2021 Federal Census. Tasheena also held the position of Operations Manager at Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre before joining Elevate Aviation Learning Centre as an Assessment Advisor.

Tasheena holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in Management from MacEwan University (2016). Throughout their 15+ years of professional experience, Tasheena has consistently been commended for their enthusiasm, astute problem-solving skills, and empathetic nature.