The Elevate Aviation Group

Kristine Morris

WEST Facilitator

Kristine is an experienced Registered Social Worker who graduated from the University of Calgary. Throughout her career, she has gained extensive and diverse work experience across multiple countries and industries. Her professional background encompasses various fields such as Correctional Services, Children’s Services, Animal Health Care, and Personal Development and Career Coaching.

One of Kristine’s passions is motivating and inspiring people to unlock their potential and discover their true greatness. She finds immense joy in witnessing individuals flourish and thrive in their personal and professional lives. This drive to empower others led her to join Elevate Aviation, where she works specifically with women in the WEST Program, which aims to introduce them to the world of aviation. Through this program, she helps women explore new possibilities, pursue fulfilling careers in aviation, and ultimately create lives filled with joy and satisfaction.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Kristine cherishes her relationships with her life partner, two adult children, and her first grandbaby. She also enjoys a house full of animals and contributes to animal welfare activities whenever possible.

Kristine believes that Kindness is a superpower, and aims to sprinkle kindness into the world whenever she can.