The Elevate Aviation Group


ACE Facilitator

Briggs has been an active volunteer since they were 5 years old, passionate about community outreach, building relationships through networking, and empowering individuals. Growing up in a small town, they knew that there had to be more and moved to the city to pursue flight training.

They bring experience from their past role as Activities Manager and Volunteer Coordinator with GEF Senior’s Housing where they put the “create” into recreation. Briggs later joined Elevate as a learner in the WEST program, and quickly fell in love with the organization’s mission: women and underrepresented groups are given the opportunity to thrive through careers in aviation.

After graduating from Cohort Alpha and starting their role in de-icing with Aero Mag 2000 as a technician, they continued to work alongside WEST to support learners until they were offered the role of ACE facilitator. When not leading ACE or deicing aircraft, Briggs runs a summer camp for trans and non-binary kids called Camp Dragonfly.